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Creating and Distributing Films of Domestic Violence Survivors

News: Healing Voices wins 1st Place in 100 Women Who Care in Santa Fe receiving funds for programs to show our films for young adults in  Santa Fe.

Sponsoring A National Day of Action Against Domestic Violence

February 13 - 14, 2019 - Santa Fe, NM​

Presentations of "Cheyanne's Story" in Health Education Classes at Santa Fe High School.

March 12, 2018 - Santa Fe, NM

Premiere of "Jeannine's Story" and "Through the Door". An event co-hosted by Healing Voices and Personal Stories and the Esperanza Shelter.  The Santa Fe New Mexican covered the event. Click here to read the article

February 25, 2017 - Santa Fe, NM:

Board Members Lynette Montoya, Crystal Sanchez and JoAnne Tucker joined by retired teacher Glenda De Paula present for the New Mexico School Board Association Institute on teen dating violence. "Cheyenne's Story" and "A Teacher's Story" are shown.

December 9, 2016 - Naples, FL: JoAnne talks about Healing Voices - Personal Stories and shows "Barbara's Story."

Sponsoring a National Day of Action Against

​Domestic Violence

"Through the Door: Movement, Meditation, and Healing" will be in the Santa Fe Film Festival, February 17, 2019

Recent Programs

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Comments on the film:

"Great video! Loved seeing the labyrinth incorporated into the movement and story." Peg Duddy, Former ED of Si Si Puede, Haverill, MA

"Thank you so very much for sharing this magnificent film of empowerment, sisterhood, courage and survivorship! It truly brought me to tears." Judy Schneider, MSVV, ED Healing with Horses, Abiqui, NM

Please visit our website about the National Day of Action Against Domestic Violence planned for

October 5, 2019.  Find out if there is a team in your area.  Sign up to participate. If there is not a team in your area consider starting a team.


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"Jeannine's Story" will be in the Detroit Shetown Film Festival on September 15th!