More Comments from viewers of the film

"Congrats on the film. Powerful beautiful!" Nancy Long, Yoga Instructor - Marblehead, MA.

"The movie is extraordinary!" Mary Marra, Former ED of Bread and Roses Housing, Lawrence, MA

"Marsie!! Your song is timeless! Your gift of words and symbols spectacular. A great Film!" (reference to Marsie Silvestro interview and her song "Bless You My Sister") Pat Hussey and Barbara Ferraro, Phd, Former ED's of Covenant House in Charleston, WV.


Improvising movement

Sharing the movement exercise of Mirroring.

About the Project that led to the film "Through the Door: Movement and Meditation as part of Healing.

During 2016 we worked with Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe. Nine women volunteered to be filmed to show how movement and meditation can be part of the Healing Process.  Click here to view the film.  Below are some photographs of the project.

                             Photographs by Judy Naumburg

Meditation and Walking the Labyrinth played an important part in our program.

"Film Spotlights the Power of Movement" - click here to read an article by Cynthia Miller in the Santa Fe, New Mexican on March 12, 2018

Rehearsing for our informal performance