​​Barbara was abused by her grandfather as a young child. She also experienced abuse during her three marriages. When her third husband abused her grandchild, she snapped and shot and murdered him. Following 8 1/2 years in prison she has now returned to her home community and lives a productive life.

15 min - Completed December 2016

Cheyanne, a senior in high school, shares her experience of date and teen violence. She describes how she was able to break off the relationship and regain her confidence.

9 Min - Completed August 2013

A Teacher's Story

Cheyenne's teacher shares her story of the impact Cheyanne had to her class.

4 Min - Completed August 2013

Nine women from Esperanza Shelter in Santa Fe participate in a program of movement, meditation as part of their journey to heal from domestic violence.

​14:34 min - Completed March 2018

Available with Spanish SubTitles

La Historia de Cheyanne


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Latest News: Cheyanne Story now available with Spanish subtitles -La Historia de Cheyanne

A series of violent and physically abusive straight, lesbian and transgender interactions describe Jessica's struggle to seek stable friendships and learn to accept her worth finally developing a healthy, long term relationship. A visual artist, creativity plays an important part in Jessica's continuing recovery.

10 Min - Completed June 2014

​Jeannine is a talented performing artist, art's educator and songwriter. She describes abuse she first experienced as a child and then later as an adult and how she overcame it. Two of her original songs are part of the film.

​10 min - Completed January 2018

Photo by Judy Naumberg

Francesca is a domestic violence survivor who shares her story of the abuse she experienced and how she was able to leave her husband and rebuild her life. She shares two times she called for help from police and how the first time they were unresponsive and the second time very helpful in making it possible for her to be safe. As her son grows up and asks about his Dad, Francesca takes him to visit his father, now in prison, and learns that she can forgive her former husband. 

​10 Min - Completed March 2016

A documentary about a domestic violence survivor and her journey of leaving a 15 year abusive marriage. The film focuses on her decision to leave the marriage and how she rebuilds her life. Unlike most films of domestic violence it does not focus on abuse.

 8 min • Completed July 2012